PAS – Professional Aviation Solutions, we are a young and highly motivated team of experienced charter-brokers.

Founded in 2013, PAS – Professional Aviation Solutions GmbH is based in Cologne and part of the Canadian Sky Link group of Toronto – a global charter broker with  35 year experience in more than 60 countries. Just to name a few references: the NATO and the United Nations (UN), a variety of  humanitarian aid organizations like the World Food Programme of the United Nations – WFP, the American and Canadian defense ministries, organizations and agencies of the European Union, and other international companies.

The PAS team joins up more than 120 years of experience in the aviation industry, combined with a passion for high service quality, professionalism and is well connected within the aviation industry.
PAS only works with a network of international and well known airlines. We choose our reliable partners.

Our flight programs, no matter how complex they might be, are tailor-made to the needs of our clients. Reliable, fast and trustworthy.

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