Aircraft charter & service – DJ’s and entertainment industry

At the party it’s all about your performance! Above, it’s about ours!

PAS organizes your flight. Of course from and to the nearest airport. Transfer from airport to gig. With Limo or Heli.
We’ll find the perfect plane for you and take care of everything.

PAS is different.

Easy. Flexible. Friendly. Professional.
So you can relax and just be yourself.


 Let’s talk

• Ad-hoc charter
• We are here, 24/7
• We welcome you at the airport and take care of everything
• Catering of your choice
• Limo Service
• Short on time and remote venue? A Heli will get you there in no time.
• Change of plans? We are as flexible as you are.

Just call us, 24/7. Or, simply send us an e-mail. We look forward to meeting you.

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