Humanitarian flights - Logistical mastering of PAS for 22,000 people

PAS is part of the Canadian Skylink Aviation Group, which has made a name for international relief organizations and governments in the field of evacuation and emergency flights. PAS has also built on this experience in recent months. Especially for the very complex issue of flights for migrants, the international organizations need highly competent and absolutely reliable cooperation partners.

At the end of last year, PAS was commissioned to organize the transport and complex logistics of about 22,000 migrants from the Middle East to North America. PAS took over this truly complicated logistics challenge. Several Airbus A330 aircraft from the Canadian Air Transat, as well as the Portuguese HiFly and a B787 of the Royal Jordan were chartered and took over from mid-December 2015 to end of February 2016 several flightcharter chains from Beirut to Montreal. “The real logistical challenge,” says Birte Kipke, “was the organization of the various feeder flights, which had to be handled by different airports from the Middle East.”

In addition, there were the special medical requirements for passenger support on board; Additional Oxygen, a large number of wheelchairs, and opportunities for on-board transportation had to be provided by the airlines and coordinated by PAS. Also the very extensive entry and pass formalities had to be settled by PAS before departure with the North American authorities for individual migrants. However, the PAS team was again able to convince the responsible international organization with very practical solutions for these complex tasks.

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