PAS chartered a Boeing 737-300 for all 120 musicians and crew members.

When an orchestra travels … there are a lot of things that need to be taken care of.

You have to look for appropriate transport for the musicians and their instruments. You have to figure out which instruments can travel with the musicians and which instruments need separate means of transport. PAS keeps an eye on the details.

In April 2016, the well-known L’Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio went on a concert trip to Moscow. A Russian event agency assigned the experienced team of PAS to organise the trip for the valuable instruments, passengers and equipment.

PAS chartered a Boeing 737-300 for all 120 musicians and crew members. Much of the smaller instruments could be transported easily in the overhead lockers. For the celli, PAS had to provide for extra seats (one row, three seats for each) with extra-long seat belts. No problem! For the instruments and equipment that couldn’t be transported by the passenger airplane a separate cargo airplane was hired.

On time and with all passengers and instruments on board, they arrived at Moscow. Also the transport of the other instruments and orchestra equipment was performed safely and reliably. The following day, the French orchestra already went back to Paris, easily and comfortably.

You are planning a group journey with special luggage? Ask us! We will work out the best individual offer, because PAS knows exactly how to handle these kinds of projects. It doesn’t matter, if it is a world tour or just one performance, we will bring all participants as well as the complete equipment to the venue on time and provide for all the travelling details.

PAS keeps an eye on the details that belong to such a journey. To change the airport of arrival on the spot or to have vegan or gluten-free meals on board? No problem for PAS flight experts!

PAS – we take care of your delicate cargo

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