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VIP aircraft

VIP Aircaft: The ultimate in comfort and exclusivity. Spacious and configured for groups of 18 to 50 passengers, bedrooms, living areas, bars and showers. Every passenger has plenty of room for his luggage. Ranges from 7.000 – 12, 500km

Boeing 767 VIP business jet charter

The 767 is a unique and exclusive VIP aircraft designed with extreme luxury for heads of state, royal families or large entrepreneurs.

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Boeing 737 VIP business jet charter

Luxurious travel with up to 56 passengers and enjoy the charter flight in the unrivalled comfort and space of the VIP Boeing.

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Airbus A340 corporate jet charter

Luxurious travel with up to 100 passengers. Passengers enjoy unparalleled comfort, space and freedom of movement in the Airbus 340 cabin.

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Airbus A319 Corporate Jet

The A319 business jets has the widest and highest cabin among the business jets with Intercontinental reach.

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