Birte Kipke, Geschäftsführerin PAS-Professional Aviation Solutions

Birte Kipke, Geschäftsführerin PAS-Professional Aviation Solutions

PAS is now on the market for almost three years. Give a brief review of the start-up phase?

The market for chartering and private jet chartering is, without doubt, quite competitive. PAS has nevertheless been able to establish itself relatively quickly and also quite confidently, and today has a considerable and rapidly growing firm customer portfolio.
In doing so, our customers value our very personal and committed commitment, with which we approach the respective tasks – irrespective of the size of the order. They honor it. Only in this way is it clear that in the last twelve months, compared to the first financial year, our traffic volume has almost doubled. That makes us proud.

What are the benefits of working with a charter broker?

PAS offers a full service for flight events and controls the entire process and the handling of a flight contract from a professional hand. This saves the customer time and effort.
In addition, we have an up-to-date market overview of which aircraft is suitable, available and suitable for which order situation. At the same time, we are not only targeting the German, but also the entire European and partly the international airlining market. Fast response time combined with a very good network network make the cooperation with PAS almost perfect for the customer.

The use of business jets are often seen as a symbol of luxury, whether private or business. Do you agree with this observation?

By no means, because those who use the chartered business jet effectively and plan well, often not only save valuable travel time, but often also money.
It is precisely when several managers of a company or company members have to be in several locations in a tight time corsage, for example during important negotiations, the rented and, above all, flexibly usable private jet offers a real travel alternative to the rigid scheduled flight schedules.
PAS always has a good alternative in every size and at very flexible conditions.

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